Blog going into low-wattage mode

Hello, I just wanted to do a quick post to say that for the next two weeks, there won’t be my regular posts to the blog. You might have noticed there was no Monday Hunk Who Reads post today.

I joined Candace Havens Fast Draft class at the last minute as a kick in the pants to get my new steampunk romance, STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY, rolling. She’d like us to output 20 pages a day for 2 weeks, which is about 70,000 words! More hardcore than NaNoWriMo! However, we are allowed to set our own goals, and mine will be 15 pages a day. Today was the first day, and I did 3559 words which came out to 16 1/2 pages!

So, until this is over, the only regular blog post I will be doing is Six Sentence Sunday.

If you’d like to do word sprints with me in the morning or evenings, look for me on twitter. I’ll be using the hashtag #1k1hr and #fastdraft.

See ya on the flip side (or on Sundays)…

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  1. Congrats on the fast draft class! You’re playing in the big leagues. 20 pages a day was George Sand’s normal output (she worked 10-hour days as a writer, doing it by had with steel nibs… imagine if she’d had a laptop).

      1. When you read her correspondence, it becomes quite clear that she had an epic case of repetitive stress. To call it “writer’s cramp” is to underplay it; at more than one point, there was full-arm, shoulder and neck involvement, and pain that required dictating more than one novel.

        So yes, I’m grateful for my keyboard. 🙂

    1. It is challenging, but so far so good! Monday I wrote 16 1/2 pages and yesterday 21 pp! Already have 8 pp under my belt this morning, with 20 minutes left for another sprint before I have to get ready for work. It’s really establishing a good work habit for me….

  2. Wow! a class and a third project – you rock! I did send a message – how much of the work you’re doing for class is plotting??

    1. Actually none or very little at least. This will be the first time I’ve tried to write a novel with my turning points and scenarios plotted out ahead of time. I think it’s why I’m able to write it so much faster. I started Monday morning and already have over 10,000 words…

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