Six Sentence Sunday – 8/5/12

Today is #sixsunday where writers share six sentences from their work. 

NEWS: MUST LOVE BREECHES finaled in Georgia’s Maggie, and also Greater Seattle’s ECO contest! That makes 7 contest finals to-date!

Today’s Six Sunday I’m picking up roughly where we left off a month ago (!) with my steampunk romance STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY. Rawley has landed in a balloon, and his cravat has scandalously flown away during the landing. Adele is mesmerized by the glimpse of sexy neck and collarbone. I’m skipping a line or two where she notes with interest that he’s blushing. The first to speak is Rawley, who has caught her staring:

“Your father?”

She started. “Oh, yes, of course.”

“Nteech scrrrtch.”

Adele looked down. Loki tugged on Dr. Rawley’s trouser leg, his cravat waving in the monkey’s tiny fist like a flag of surrender.

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26 Replies to “Six Sentence Sunday – 8/5/12”

  1. Yes, congrats! I think that’s very noble of Loki to return the gentleman’s cravat. Such a helpful monkey.

  2. Congrats on so many finals! That’s fantastic! And this is a great snippet. Glad you cans back to it. I just love Loki.

  3. Loki totally took me by surprise, always fun when that happens in a book! Can’t wait to keep reading this, really enjoying it – my first steampunk! Excellent excerpt!

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