Six Sentence Sunday – 7/8/12

Today is #sixsunday where writers share six sentences from their work. Today I’m sharing sentences of my new novel, STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY. I finished the rough draft only last month ago, so this is pretty rough. It’ll probably get revised a ton, but this will give you a rough idea.

This is a steampunk romance set in 1890 Mobile, Alabama, and a loose sequel to MUST LOVE BREECHES. Last week we saw the hero’s cravat sail away in the breeze as he’s approaching in a hot air balloon. I’ve skipped his landing and his introducing himself to the heroine:

Her eyes dropped to the faux pas in his attire, the lack of cravat. She’d never seen a man’s throat and collarbone before. Well, except her father’s and he didn’t count. Her heart gave an extra little thump. Tiny black hairs were sprinkled there, teasing her as to what lay beneath his shirt.

Strong-looking fingers fiddled with the collar at his throat, attempting to close the gap.

As always I welcome constructive feedback. Thank you!

IN OTHER NEWS: MUST LOVE BREECHES finaled in the Celtic Hearts RWA chapter contest, the Golden Claddagh, in the paranormal category this past week!

To see snippets from others who are participating or to sign up yourself, visit here.

Thank you to everyone who comes by and comments each week! 

38 Replies to “Six Sentence Sunday – 7/8/12”

  1. Who knew a man’s neck could elicit the same response as a woman’s ankles in the elizabethan era 🙂 … a funny scene. His discomfort was well illustrated.

  2. A cute six to draw me into the world. Well done! And I like the new look of your blog! 🙂

  3. First let me say I love the new look! Second, I love your six! Puts me in mind of a certain tall British actor with a shirt that’s partly open, in a field at dawn.

    1. Rawr! I know which one, of course! Was just thinking the other day how fortuitous it was for me to click on that movie’s forum link and see what was up….

  4. Cool six, Angela! Very much in keeping with the era. Her excitement feels very natural. And I love how you say just enough to give me a clear visual!

    And I think your new blog look rocks, too.

  5. Congrats on Breeches!! I can see how those tiny black hairs would be absolutely mesmerizing if the dress of the day forbade exposure of such in polite company.

  6. Enticing six that conjured a lovely image. Her reaction is perfect!

    Congrats on finaling in the Golden Claddagh with MUST LOVE BREECHES, and I love the new decor of your blog!!

  7. Love the new look and all it’s dimensions and congratulations on the contest.
    Fab 6. Tiny black hairs were sprinkled there, teasing her<– love this, teasing her 🙂

  8. Congrats on finaling in the contest, Angela, and here’s to a win!! I love that story. As for this one: Totally groovin’ on the heroine’s sexual awareness/awakening and the hero’s upright reaction to her perusal. Great six!!

  9. I really like the line about her having never seen a male throat/collarbone before. It’s an excellent way of reminding the reader about the timeline. Great six.

  10. Love the details here. You’ve convinced me his neck showing IS scandalous, so, you’re fantastic. I love it. Congratulations on the contest final. You rock.

  11. The new blog design is wonderful! And congrats on another contest final — you’re on a roll here! I love this snippet, especially their heightened awareness of each other. 🙂

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