Holy neutrino Batman! Time travel might be possible?

h/t @TessaDare, @EddieMcClintock

Jeff Forshaw, a professor of particle physics at Britain’s Manchester University, told Reuters the results if confirmed would mean it would be possible in theory to “send information into the past”. “In other words, time travel into the past would become possible…#though# that does not mean we’ll be building time-machines anytime soon.”

via UPDATE 2-Faster than light particles may be physics revolution | Reuters.

Of course, all this needs to be independently verified, but my God, if it’s true? Just last night I was hanging out on the porch of a friend’s house, sipping beers, and we were talking about where we’d go if time travel were possible. Some interesting destinations were named — Celtic Britain, Ancient Egypt, seeing dinosaurs — and some opposing views — “no way would I go there! Are you crazy?” — we hadn’t seen this article yet, so kinda feels funny waking up this morning having talked about it last night, blogging about my time travel novel, and then seeing this article.

If you could go back in time, where would you go? And what if you were able to do it a la Star Trek, in a safe spot somewhere and if you had to mix with the “natives” you had been made over with appropriate clothes and/or prosthetics? (This last is because I’d think it’d be cool to observe Neanderthals)

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