Monday Grab Bag: Critiques, Babbage and Nerds!

Some articles, tweets and sites I ran across this morning that I thought others might be interested in.

Tabitha makes an excellent point on her post today Writer Musings: How To Get The Most Out Of A Critique, Part Three: if you don’t know the heart of your story, you are not ready for feedback.

On the twitterfarm, John Graham-Cumming (@jgrahamc) posted a picture of punch card program written by Charles Babbage for his Analytical Engine. His tweet:  On this stack of punched cards sits a program written by Charles Babbage and never executed. Time to fix that.

To fellow geeks, some UK folks have created a Nerdy Day Trip website. To see the potential, see the sites in England and read the About page. If you just look at the US you will not truly appreciate it. So, my nerdy and geeky US friends, let’s add some cool places!

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