Weekend Writing Warriors – 9/29/13

www_bannerWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! For those new to this, fellow writers post eight sentences from one of our works. I’ve been revising my New Adult steampunk romance, STEAM ME UP RAWLEY, so I thought I’d share and give the next eight sentences following last week’s (which was the beginning) where the heroine is at a fancy outdoor party, talking to her pet monkey and a woman catches her.

Adele spun around, Loki deftly remaining on her shoulder. “Claire, how are you? Enjoying your party?” As the Mobile Register’s society reporter, Adele was there to cover Claire Chastang’s tiresome gathering.

Oh, how to describe the party’s hostess? Without sounding scornful? What Adele wanted to write for her society column would not do:

Miss Claire was resplendent (resplendently tacky) in her tailored aerophane silk day dress, sporting lace trim and silk flowers reminiscent of an explosion at a haberdasher’s.

I welcome all comments, even constructive crits. To join in the fun and see the other wonderful writers, go to Weekend Writing Warriors! Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention earlier that I’m looking for Beta readers for this story, so let me know if you’re interested!

32 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warriors – 9/29/13”

  1. Oh God, the last line is perfect. What a great description! Your snippet so grasped the whole society page mindset. Nice.

  2. I like the description she can’t actually write, very colorful and the feelings shine through for sure! I really enjoy this story, even in tiny snippets – MOAR, please! Great 8!

  3. Can’t help really laughing out loud at this! Your sense of humor works so well in this story Angela. I like the implied tension between these characters too 😀

  4. “…reminiscent of an explosion at a haberdasher’s.” I love this line! Oh, and I used to work in customer service — I could write a book about the things I didn’t say but wanted to — I SOO feel for Adele…

  5. This makes me laugh out loud! I can so see this happening and really, wish it had in some cases. Just love the whole concept. Great 8. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Does Claire have to be nice to Adele, or vice versa?

    And what is aerophane silk? I can’t decide whether it’s a lovely word for parachute silk or this world’s version of polyester . . .

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