Taking a short blogging hiatus

I feel guilty that I’m not sticking to my normal blogging schedule, but then I tell myself, I need to do what’s best for my writing and that it’s okay to do this. I started writing the sequel to MUST LOVE BREECHES on February 1, trying to get the rough draft done this month, Fast Draft/NaNo style, but it’s slower going than I’d hoped and honestly, the thought of sacrificing my morning writing time to writing a blog post is what’s making me face it that I’ve got too much going on and I have to set aside some things. I’ve already let up on the promo for BEER, sooo… 🙂

See ya on the flip side and send some good writerly mojo my way!

12 Replies to “Taking a short blogging hiatus”

  1. Sending good vives your way. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve got two projects going, but between the blogging and promo for my other three book, it’s killing my writing time. Good luck, Angela!

  2. Good luck, Angela! I think you’ve made the right decision. I’ve been struggling with the same thought as I work to revise my WIP, work full time, etc. My blog has already been suffering. I’ve thought about doing just what you’ve done. You’ve given me more to think about.

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