Five Favorite Things Giveaway

14674_2541024421320_759478737_aDo you sometimes catch yourself naming your own favorite things to the tune of the well-known Sound of Music song?

My fellow authors at Secret Cravings Publishing and I are sharing some of ours, and giving you a chance to win one of them (wink, wink, nudge, nudge–for most of us it’s our new release).

So, here’s a list of my five favorite things…

  1. Curling up with a delightfully wonderful book. If it’s raining outside, even better
  2. Getting excited about something new I’m learning
  3. Hanging out with my family (immediate and extended) and friends (wait, I’m realizing these aren’t things and I’m supposed to name things. *grumping*)
  4. A smooth-writing pen (There!)
  5. My first release, Beer and Groping in Las Vegas, because this is the first time I’ve experienced that thrill!

And of those five favorite things that make my life complete and happy, I am giving one of them away. A copy of Beer and Groping in Las Vegas to one lucky commenter.

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BEER cover smallMy upcoming release:

Contemporary Romantic Comedy w/paranormal elements
Secret Cravings Publishing
Release Date: December 19, 2012
Length: Novelette (13,500 words)
Format: eBook
Content advisory: Adult language, explicit sex

Can a djinn and a magic slot machine bring two geeks together?

Riley McGregor is a geek trapped in a Good Ole Boy body and as owner of a microbrewery, smart chicks never look at him twice.

Rejected by a geek who wanted to “trade up,” Mirjam Linna would rather immerse herself in work than be the girlfriend-of-the-moment. Stranded in a Vegas hotel, she makes a wish—a night of hot sex with the man of her dreams. It’s granted. She agrees to dinner, but afterward, she’ll say thanks, but no thanks, and see what’s on the SyFy channel. But when they meet, they’re surprised to find they had a shared connection in their past. Sparks fly as these two learn to be in the moment, be themselves and find love.

Fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Monty Python, Firefly and Marvin the Martian will enjoy this romantic comedy.

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What about you? What are your 5 fave things?

13 Replies to “Five Favorite Things Giveaway”

  1. Vegas always has a special place in my heart! I was married there and loved the whole town! Who doesn’t love a place that you can see a phantom and Elvis in one night!

  2. I have to narrow it down to five? I’ll try. Things… as in people don’t count? Well there goes number one.

    1. Books
    2. Music
    3. The smell of fresh baked bread
    4. That feeling of being cozy, warm, and sleepy under a blanket or three in the winter time.
    5. Pizza

  3. I’n having a wonderful time this morning reading all of the awesome authors lists of favorite things. I have agree with your #1 favorite, a good book is one of my favorites also.

  4. I love your choices, here are a few of mine:

    1. my kindle
    2. my iPod
    3. Tea
    4. seeing my nieces smile/laugh
    5. my mom’s cooking!

  5. Congrats on publication. I won’t do people but there’s Bruiser, my daughter’s rescue who keeps us all laughing, holiday movies, holiday baking, holiday decorating, hoiliday gift-giving. I’m into the holidays now. Rita Bay

  6. Congratulations on your book. I’m looking forward to reading it. My fave things are:
    1. Books
    2. Movies
    3.My chihuahuas (though they’re like people so not sure if this one counts!)
    4. Music

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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