Six Sentence Sunday – 5/6/12

Today is #sixsunday where writers share six sentences from their work. I’ll share a snippet from my time-travel romance WIP titled MUST LOVE BREECHES, which is now out in query land! (You can see the other entries here.)

I am currently looking for Beta readers. If you’re interested, let me know. I’ve stopped querying to see how this batch takes and so this new round of Beta reading will be to help me tighten up what problems will have come to light.

Here’s my pitch/logline: When a thoroughly modern girl finds herself stranded in 1834 London, she must find a way home while navigating the pitfalls of London society, resisting her attraction to a hunky lord, and ultimately having to decide when her true home lies. 

This is the midpoint of the novel, right after she’s caught him sneaking around in a room at a ball. Oh, and she’s on top of him on the floor because she’d been surprised by him and tackled him to the floor before she realized who it was. Picking up a couple lines later from last week–someone’s opening the door, he kisses her for cover, and she responds, much to his astonishment and he kisses her back (which we’re skipping so we can get to the dialogue), and now (this is in his POV):

At the sound of the door closing firmly, Miss Rochon flinched slightly, breaking contact. “What was that?” she breathed.

“Nothing to worry about.” His voice was pitched lower and rougher.

“Oh, good.” And to his complete shock, she brought her lips back to his and whispered, “Now, where were we?”

As always I welcome constructive feedback. Thank you!

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Thank you to everyone who comes by and comments each week! 

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