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The Stolen Moments Series is about that unique moment that allows two people to find each other and fall in love. I just love the idea of putting two people meant for each other in a situation that finally gets them to open up and be vulnerable with the one person who gets you.

  • In Book 1, EARNING IT, Pepper mistakes her old high school nemesis as her blind date
  • In Book 2, RISKING IT, Aiden gets a second chance with Jane when they are forced to go on a road trip together through Florida
  • In Book 3, DESERVING IT, Claire and Conor are stranded in Atlanta during a hurricane and have to share a room

I’m doing something new on my website as a thank you to readers who’ve fallen in love with these characters. A signed copy of a book from this series! To enter, leave a comment answering one of the following questions:

My questions are…

  • What’s the funniest date you’ve been on?
  • Have you ever done something on a date that was super embarrassing? Did you ever see him/her again?
  • Do you find humor in your partner sexy?

Good luck!
P.S. If you haven’t yet started reading this series, you can download book 1 for free by clicking the link here.

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