Need Your Vote: MUST LOVE BREECHES up for a RONE

Indtale-Magazine-logo-150MUST LOVE BREECHES is a nominee in InD’tale Magazine’s RONE award. Right now it just means that I got a 4 star or above last year. How it works is that this list is now open to public voting to advance to the next round, which will then be judged by select judges.

I hate that this round is a who-can-get-out-the-most-fans test, but there it is. If you read and enjoyed this book, please consider registering and voting for it. Right now there’s a glitch that doesn’t show the nominees until after you register. After registering, if you see a book you enjoyed better than mine, please vote for it. I’d like this to be about merit! Thank you!

How to vote:

  1. Register by creating an account
  2. Go to the time travel nominees and cast your vote

Voting for this round ends TODAY. The 4 with the most votes advances to the juried round.

Thank you!

3 Replies to “Need Your Vote: MUST LOVE BREECHES up for a RONE”

  1. I want to vote for you. I’m logged in, I know that since it gives me an option to log out on the right panel. When I click on any of the first three genre of the first week, it takes me to another screen saying there 7 finalists, but when I click on that nothing happens. I’ve voted before, so I don’t understand. Could their systems for voting be down?

    1. Sorry you’ve had trouble! Have you already voted this week in the time travel category, or do you mean in years past you voted? I submitted your comment to them, as this isn’t by any means the first complaint about being inable to vote. So frustrating… Thanks for trying!!

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