Did You Mess Up History and Other Posts

As part of my debut novel release, I’ve been guest blogging around. Most of them have been interviews, excerpts, and the like, but some have been articles related to the book and so I thought I’d highlight them here in case they’re of interest to you.


Today, I’m over at FF&P’s blog with “Did You Mess Up the Timeline? Incorporating Theories of Time Travel in Fiction.” I’ve had some readers confused by my ending and I thought it might be fun to explore the different ways fiction has dealt with causality and paradoxes when time traveling. I made the handy chart above, which won’t make much sense without the article, but at least shows some of the different scenarios.

On September 25, I was on R.L. Jameson’s Immortal History blog with “A Brief Look at Mathematician and Visionary Ada Lovelace

On September 24, I was on Petir Fours & Hot Tamales with “My Journey to Publication

On September 22, I did a Get Lost in A Story interview, wherein I talk about the first book I remember reading and how I can get lost in a story

On September 10, I was on Shauna Roberts’ blog with “Secrets of Getting Your Book into Bookstores

On September 9, I was on Jami Gold’s blog with “DIY Book Trailer

Hope everyone’s been having a lovely fall!

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