MUST LOVE BREECHES featured on USAToday’s HEA column!

usatodayheaIt’s ramping up to the release date next Wednesday, and I’m nervous and excited. There’ s also so many balls I’m trying to keep in the air, I’m already hunched over and cringing waiting for one of them to bop me in the head. I really need to make a list of things to do and keep track of!

So, this just came across my dashboard–USAToday featured the book trailer for my time travel historical MUST LOVE BREECHES for their HEA column, yay! Robin Covington had this to say:

I became a fan of time-travel romance with my first read of Outlander when it came out two decades ago, and I’m always on the lookout for fun romance with a century-jumping twist. The trailer for Must Love Breeches (love the title) by Angela Quarles has succeeded in adding another to my TBR pile. She picked the perfect music, images and font to set off the historical romance where a thoroughly modern miss is enchanted by a hot guy known as the Vicious Viscount. Well done!

Other end-of-week appearancesMLBQuote3

  • Yesterday, Paula Millhouse hosted me on her blog with an Author Journal, wherein I answered a couple writerly questions
  • Today I’m on fellow Paranormal Unbound author Celia Breslin‘s blog with an excerpt as well as on Victoria Adams’s blog for an Author Spotlight

Update on other books

  • I’m embracing this whole indie thing and decided this week that it makes the most sense for me to indie publish Steam Me Up, Rawley as well, so I’ve posted it up on Goodreads sans cover, and put a Chapter One excerpt in the back of Breeches. I’ve book a developmental editor for Sep 22, and hope to put it through the rest of its editing phases (copyedit and proofread) and have it out in January or February of next year.
  • Must Love Chainmail, Book 2 in the Must Love series, will tentatively be released in September of 2015. It’s also up on Goodreads too.

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