Six Sentence Sunday – 10/21/12

Welcome to #SixSunday!

NEWS: This week MUST LOVE BREECHES won 1st place in FF&P’s On the Far Side contest in the time travel/steampunk/historical category and a full request from the judging editor. It also finaled yesterday in the Windy City Four Seasons Contest, paranormal category.

Today’s Six Sunday is from STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY, my steampunk romance set in Mobile, AL. I’m skipping a couple of lines from last week’s entry. Setup is that he’s just rescued a lady from a frightened horse on the busy streets of Mobile and the heroine witnessed it and in the part we’re skipping she exclaims how heroic he’d been. This is in his POV and he’s the first speaker:

“There was nothing heroic at all in my actions. Please, do not read more into it. It only required a calm demeanor and a firm hand.”

This didn’t seem to dispel her misconception. She only smiled, which lit up her whole face, her eyes dancing merrily. “You are too modest, sir, I know your game–I’m onto you.”

As always I welcome constructive feedback.

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30 Replies to “Six Sentence Sunday – 10/21/12”

  1. Somebody’s crushin’ on Rawley (and so am I, LOL!). I think he’s a little flummoxed and attracted himself. Great six, and CONGRATS ON THE WIN AND THE FINAL!

  2. WooHoo on the wins! I just know BREECHES is going to find a happy home. Love the story! (And your voice!) Really enjoying your current WIP, too. I wish I had some constructive feedback. All I have to say is, “More, please!”

  3. And just what game would THAT be? 😉 Congratulations on the win! BTW, I don’t comment on every post you do, but I soooo love reading what you have to say. Always insightful. Always well-researched. You are awesome, Angela!

  4. Congrats on the win and the full request! Everyone I visit today seems to have good news. Very cool.

    I love your hero’s voice. Can’t even put my finger on why, but I do.

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