Weekend Grab Bag – Books, Writing, Austen, Firefly and True Love

A grab bag of cool things I came across this week that I thought you might like. There’s a little bit here on books, romance writers, Firefly, Jane Austen, Ada Lovelace, writing tips and general geekiness.

Book Lovers

  • An artist created a small-scale house made entirely of books (before you get incensed, the books were scheduled to be pulped). Pretty cool!
  • Awesome use of a small space, an architect built this beautiful set of stair bookcases for a London couple.
  • For those on Tumblr, follow book-aesthete. They post beautiful and rare photos of books.

Romance Writers

  • I thought this was a good article for trying to capture the elusive quality of love for our characters. In this article Is It True Love?, Dr. Dennis Neder talks about the three stages of love. Do your characters go through them? Has some other interesting nuggets to help with character development, including Nine Ways to Tell if Your Love Is Real. Article is not geared to writers of Romance, but I thought it had some great food for thought. I’m definitely going to go through my WIP with this article in mind and see if there’s any extra nuance I can give my h/h
  • Did You Know? There is a pillow that connects distant lovers through heart beats. I don’t know how one can use it in writing, but I thought it interesting to bring it up. Maybe some sci-fi-romance writers might be able to use it as an idea sparker?

On Writing


In Ada Lovelace Land

For My Browncoat Comrades

General Geeky Stuff

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