Tap, tap, tap…. is this thing on?

imageWelcome! Well, the first post is always awkward. You’re addressing no one as yet, but there’s a need to go ahead and get that first one up.

An introduction is probably in order: I’m Angela Quarles and I am in the process of finishing up the third draft of my time-travel romance To Our Future. It’s about a modern-day American who accidentally finds herself in 1834 London, England, where she runs into the likes of such historical figures as Ada Byron Lovelace (Lord Byron’s daughter), polymath Mary Somerville and Charles Babbage, the inventor of the Difference Engine. Hopefully, adventure and hilarity ensues. We’ll see. I’ll post a blurb about it soon…

About myself: I live in an historic house in the beautiful and quirky town of Mobile, AL, and enjoy the usual stuff like gardening, reading, hanging out, eating, drinking, chasing squirrels out of the walls and creating the occasional knitted scarf. I also dabble in Shaolin Kung Fu, which is probably the only purposeful exercise I get.

This being a blog post, I thought I should do the obligatory photo of the pets. Being a romance writer, I think it appropriate that I have two perfectly matched grays, Darcy and Bingley. You actually can tell them apart – Darcy is slightly darker and hardly talks, and Bingley is a talker. Both are sweet and loving; they are appropriately named.

The focus of this blog will probably morph over time, so I will not say definitively what the focus will be, but for now I picture that this will be a place where I will post writing tips, book reviews, musings, questions about my work in progress, the occasional rant, and the like.

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