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Weekend Grab Bag – From Writing Tips to P&P Ceramic Tiles

Writing and the Writing Life: Lydia Sharp has some good advice for those in the query stage: Back to Basics – Writing a Query (slash) Pitch (slash) Jacket Blurb Kristen Lamb explores why you should only give away something for free if it’s not free: R-E-S-P-E-C-T isn’t FREE!!! Lynette Labelle has some good tips to work on in […]

Weekend Grab Bag – From Writing Tips to a Mr. Darcy lollipop

Writing and the Writing Life: Janice Hardy with Fundamental Check: Do Your Scenes Have What They Need? and Leave the Breadcrumbs Behind: Are You Asking — and Answering — the Right Story Questions? and What’s Their Story? Discovering the Front Story of Your Non-Point of View Characters (Can you tell I love her posts?) Jane Friedman as thoughts on 5 Attitudes Toward […]

Weekend Grab Bag – From Writing Tips to Geek V-Day cards

Writing and the Writing Life: Mooderino delivers up a post on how to find the Goldilocks zone in writing, not too vague not too obvious, in Writing Without Too Much On The Nose Chuck Wendig offers up a counter post to his popular one of what not to do: 25 Things Writers Should Starting Doing (ASAFP) […]

Weekend Grab Bag – From Writing Tips to an online Regency Hero dressup doll!

Writing and the Writing Life: Worried about your voice or if you even have one? Chuck Wendig shares 25 things writers should know about finding their voice It’s not too late to pitch your short stories/novellas to the editors of Entangled on Jami Gold’s blog. Deadline is Monday, January 16. If you’re struggling like me to […]

Weekend Grab Bag – From Writing Tips to Jane Austen to Klingon Monopoly

Writing: Janice Hardy has advice on how to recognize plot devices: Knowing the Future: Avoiding Predictable Plots Through Plot Exposure In Romancelandia, the Smart Bitches had a lively discussion this week on Virginity Cliches in Romance For those also trying to perfect their query, Roni Loren can help clarify the process for you: The Single Best Piece of […]

Weekend Grab Bag – From Writing Tips to a Steampunk Mister Potato Head

Writing: Yesterday @JanetNorCal sent out this plea, can anyone help her? I thought someone tweeted a link to the fine line between contemps and historicals — but I can’t find it now. Did I imagine it? Are you also researching how to write an awesome query? Lydia Sharp posted 3 Things You Can Leave Out of […]

Weekend Grab Bag – Writing Tips, Firefly Soap and General Geekiness

This week’s round-up, featuring writing tips, Austen stuff, making Browncoats clean and other geekiness. On Writing: Lianna Brooks explains why your heroine shouldn’t have violet eyes! And since we’re focused on the face, Angela Peart has a great post about the importance of your profile pic on social media: It All Starts With a Great […]

Weekend Grab Bag – Books, Writing, Austen, Firefly and True Love

A grab bag of cool things I came across this week that I thought you might like. There’s a little bit here on books, romance writers, Firefly, Jane Austen, Ada Lovelace, writing tips and general geekiness. Book Lovers An artist created a small-scale house made entirely of books (before you get incensed, the books were scheduled […]

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