Kitteh Too Smart.

Darcy and Bingley

One of the kittehs (I suspect Darcy) learned a new skill at 6:15 in the friggin morning. Turn on the standing lamp!


Something metallic is hitting metal. I get up to investigate. The light is on. I move a nearby perch, thinking that was how the little sh- (nice kitty) was getting to the pull chain. Crawl back under warm covers. Ah. Two seconds later:

*bang*bang*snick* light pops back on. I flop over to that side of the bed, open a bleary eye and one of them is hanging by a claw to the pull cord like an NBA star after a slam dunk.

Really kittehs?

Last week it had been bang-the-really-heavy-rope-mouse-hard-enough-against-the-bathroom-door-over-and-over-until-the-door-opened. For the last five months, it had been just a neglected scratching device hanging from the door knob. After the third night of this I removed it. They’re really good about using their regular scratching post, so if this is only used for opening the door and waking me up, forget it kitteh.

For some reason, I feel really guilty taking these new discoveries away from them. For the pull cord, I just plopped the ball up into the brim of the hat (the shade is like an old-fashioned ladies’ hat). But as I crawled back into bed, I wondered if during the evening, when I’m not at home, maybe they’d just like the light on and I’m taking that away? Maybe I’ll just put it away at night… Maybe I’m thinking about this too much. *Going to make some more hot tea to wake up*

Got any smart kittehs in your house? What have they figured out?

9 Replies to “Kitteh Too Smart.”

  1. Ah, cats. You gotta love them. My cat has learned that if he tilts his head all cute-like and blinks his big green eyes at me, I’ll cave to whatever he thinks he needs.

  2. Your kits are adorable and I love their names! Don’t trust ’em for a second, though, or like Moody says, they’ll be up to something.

    My cats are named Grace and LucyFur. Pretty much says it all.

    1. Love your cats’ names!!! Yeah, I’m enjoying my kittens, have had them since June and it’s been a loooong time since I’ve had cats. These are the best I’ve ever had.

  3. I had a cat some time ago. I got it as a kitten and the first thing I learned is that they’re infinitely entertaining.

    Except when they try to entertain you in the middle of the night.

    My cat, Zeke, had an obsession with all things cylindrical. Any pens, lipstick, etc., you left on a table soon landed up on the floor and eventually in the corner once he was finished playing soccer with them. He was a sweetie! But my next roommate was allergic, and that was that.

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