Song playing right now on my playlist: “On the Radio,” by Regina Spektor

NEWS: MUST LOVE BREECHES finaled in the Celtic Hearts RWA chapter contest, the Golden Claddagh, in the paranormal category!

Writing and the Writing Life:


  •  Last week I posted the announcement of the Firefly cast reunion at ComicCon. Now there are rumors that a big announcement will be made. Oh, please be true and be what we’re thinking!!
  • And I thought you’d enjoy this:

In Geekdom:

  1. Ooo, *love* that Firefly video! And thank you so much for sharing the Higgs boson particle post. I knew most of that, up through the quarks anyway, but didn’t know how the Higgs particle tied into the rest.

    Thanks for the link too! And that Janice Hardy post was awesome, wasn’t it? You reminded me that I hadn’t tweeted that yet. 🙂

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