Weekend Grab Bag – From Writing Tips to Gandalf skateboarding

Song playing right now on my playlist: “I Shall Believe,” by Sheryl Crowe

Writing and the Writing Life:

Ada Lovelace:

Jane Austen:

In Geekdom:

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  1. Informative and fun! Angela. Thanks for all the great tips and laughs. I especially enjoyed Kristen Lamb’s article about her first experience with conferences. Oh, and anything with “a Gandalf” always gets a thumbs up from me. What a hoot!

  2. I’m so glad to have found another Trubie! :)

  3. Thanks, Angela! I always really enjoy your weekend grab bag. Great articles and funny pics. Thanks for taking the time!

  4. Thanks, Angela. Now I know that fleas are a good thing. I want Firefly eggs. Also, longboarding Galdalf rocks!

  5. OMG, love that video! Thanks so much for the mention. I appreciate it!

  6. Thanks for the links! :)

    I always love your grab bag collections. Such fun! :)

  7. I literally lol’d watching the video! Not so funny if I had been in a car following him…but for the rest of us…another story! lolol… Going to watch it again :-)


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