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Toby Stephens as Mr. Rochester, inspiration for my hero

During my initial draft, I’d scoured magazines cutting out pictures, trying to find what my hero, Lord Montagu, looked like in my time-travel romance. I’d had clippings of handsome men, but they weren’t him. So, I completed the first draft with just an image in my head. Then I saw the BBC version of Jane […]

Who Was Ada Lovelace?

I’m going to go all fangrrrl on this lady, so beware! This past Friday was international Ada Lovelace Day, where bloggers all over the world celebrated women in science and technology by spotlighting a specific woman in the field. I chose to highlight Dr. Janet Whitson. But who was Ada Lovelace? Steampunk lovers know her […]

Third Draft Finished

I set myself a deadline of last night to finish up my third draft, and I made it! I had a three-day weekend to help matters, and I mainly stayed inside in my jammies and worked on it. Sunday I felt like I needed to see the whole thing printed out, so I started printing […]

Writing Lessons from the TV show Firefly

I’m not feeling too well tonight, so I thought I’d sit down and do a Firefly marathon, a lamentably short-lived TV show created by Joss Whedon. I’m a total geek about this show. Yes, I’m a Browncoat.  But, as I started watching the opening sequence, ideas for a blog post itched at me. I don’t know […]

In Celebration of Ada Lovelace Day: Dr. Janet Whitson

Today is world-wide Ada Lovelace Day. Daughter of English poet, Lord Byron, she is often credited as being the first computer programmer. The United States Department of Defense named their computer program in 1980 ADA, in her honor. More about Lady Lovelace on Wikipedia. Today, blogs worldwide are honoring her by picking a woman in […]

Research Can Add Rich Detail: The British Museum

My main character works at the British Museum in present day, but finds herself in 1834 London. I thought it would be fun for her to visit the museum while she’s in 1834 to see her reaction. When I wrote my first draft, I knew I needed to do research on the museum, but waited […]

My NaNoWriMo Dilemma

It’s October! There’s a chill in the air (yes, even down here in the Kingdom of Mobile) and I’m starting to get anxious as this means the craziness that is NaNoWriMo is looming closer. I owe a lot to NaNoWriMo. Up until 2009, I’d tried writing, but I was so paralyzed by my inner editor […]

Tips on how to wrestle your draft into shape

Photo by Rae Grimm (bloodylery) Okay, you’ve finished your first draft and you’ve done your happy dance (that’s obligatory, BTW). Congratulations! You take the advised week or two away from your draft and then come back to it and do a quick read through. And it sinks in. You have a pile of *%&^# on […]

Revision of Ending Complete, Or, be thankful for pushers

Photo by Rae Grimm (bloodylery) After much gnashing of teeth and hair pulling and Funyun consumption, I finally strapped myself down in a chair and got some emotions out people. Lord, was that hard. As I blogged yesterday in Struggling with Revising the End, this was hard for me. I was resistant. It was like […]

Struggling with Revising the End

Earlier this week I blogged about Why I’m Happy My Mom Hates the Ending… because it means she’d been emotionally engaged enough to be totally pissed at me for flubbing the ending. Now I know why I flubbed it. Endings are hard. Writing emotions is hard. Both together? Looking back, I remember that I’d totally skipped even […]

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