“I feel like I’m reading ME”

In emails and reviews, I keep seeing variations of this theme from readers about Jane, the book nerd heroine of RISKING IT!

So many of you are relating to her like I haven’t seen in my other books, and it warms my heart! And, of course, falling for the guy who sees the true Jane.

Some other reactions:

“An eclectic road trip with all the feels… I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! … this story was so real and the characters so heartwarming and fun … one of the best titles I’ve read this year!” –Diane with Nerdy, Dirty & Flirty

“Angela Quarles, you have created one of the best books in this year that I have read.” — Rachel on Amazon

“Peeps this story was one truly refreshing read.” — Rady Reads

Jane probably has the most of me in it too than any of my other heroines except for Isabelle in Must Love Breeches. A lot of us are introverted book nerds and so it shouldn’t have surprised me with how much she’s resonating with readers. Have you read it yet? Tell me what you think!

And if you haven’t, here’s the links 🙂

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International Amazon links:
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And here’s the link to Goodreads! And if you want a free preview, you can do that here!

Are you reading anything hot and hilarious right now? Hit me with them!!

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