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Deep POV: Befores and Untils, do you need them? Truly?

I haven’t done a writing craft post in a loooong time and since I just sent Steam Me Up, Rawley to my copyeditor, these types of considerations are fresh in my mind. For the last week or so, I’d been doing searches for particular words that can signal that my prose is telling. Sometimes I […]

Are You an Obsessive Series Reader?

If you read and enjoyed Book One of a series, do you then have to read all of the rest? I just finished reading all eleven books in JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series–I started on March 29, and chewed through all of them by this past Saturday. As I step out of this Ward […]

Writing Craft Books – Recent Purchases to Recommend

I just indulged and bought a small passel of writing craft books and I thought I’d share them with y’all. The Literary Enneagram: Characters from the Inside Out As entertaining as it is illuminating, THE LITERARY ENNEAGRAM offers a fresh version of the standard “Great Books” course, using characters from literature to show the inner […]

A Cautionary Tale When Writing in Deep POV

I love reading books in Deep POV and so when I set out to hone my writing, I was gobbling up Deep POV advice. One of the main tenets of Deep POV is to cut out filter words like “she saw,” “she heard,” etc., because in Deep POV you’re writing AS the character, and so […]

Writing Tip: Is your WIP in need of some manscaping? Pluck out those to-be verbs.

Or at least eliminate enough of the suckers so they’re not populating your manuscript like the wiry hairs on a hirsute male. Argh! As my fingers poise over my keyboard, I hesitate. Recently, I’ve become loathe to point out style advice like this when critiquing because this might be someone’s style. In fact, my fingers hesitated […]

Go Deep! Eliminate Distancing Phrases for Deep POV

Ah, Deep POV, or Deep Penetration, as Orson Scott Card calls it. There’s nothing quite as titillating. And no, we’re talking about writing guys, get your mind out of the gutter, jeez. (Sorry couldn’t resist. *clears throat*). Anyway, my current WIP is written in Deep POV. For those unfamiliar with this, it’s a style of 3rd […]

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