Release Day! + Guest posts: How to Make a Book Trailer 101 & Interview

BEER cover small

Can’t believe the day has finally arrived, though y’all are probably sick of me promoting this, sorry! If you’re interested in getting a copy, you can order it directly from the publisher. Hopefully it will be up  on Amazon and other outlets in a week.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing my tour with two spots where I’ll be today:

Cara Bristol

I’m on her blog today giving a walk-through of how to make a book trailer!

Peter Salomon

I’m at my college classmate’s again today answering 3 questions, one of which is what I mean by ‘geek girl romance writer’

New Review

A new review was posted today at Smitten With Reading!

It really is just truly a fun read. It’s written really well. It’s short, but the author gives you snippets about these characters so you feel like you really know them and can connect to them.

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