Six Sentence Sunday – 11/4/12

Welcome to #SixSunday!

Today’s Six Sunday I”m leaving STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY to focus on my upcoming release, BEER AND GROPING IN LAS VEGAS due out December 19. Here’s the cover and the first 6 lines:

Mirjam rubbed the tiredness from her eyes, but the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland still occupied the Rivenbark Hotel & Casino elevator with her. She blinked and squinted. Yep, and life-size. Complete with hookah.

Plastic squeaked against glass as the caterpillar shifted to make more room. It made eye contact.

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28 Replies to “Six Sentence Sunday – 11/4/12”

  1. I’ve had some interesting elevator rides in my life, but never quite this interesting. It’s too bad, because it just so happens, I have a massive crush on Alan Ripkin, and while I’d prefer him in one of his other roles, if Alice’s caterpillar was what I got, I guess I could learn to be happy with it.

    Great hook, Angela. I’m already looking forward to reading this in a few weeks.

  2. Can’t even articulate how flipping awesome these first lines are. And I love how much the first lines fall right in with the Hunter S. Thompson play on words in the title. I can totally imagine Raoul Duke saying this in FALILV.

    1. It may be silly, but I set up my Outlook calendar to check on Dec 19th for the release of your book. I liked what I and want to read more.

  3. OK, I want to know the whole rest of the story, I mean the whole rest–who-what-when-where-why-when.

    In the service of which, I’m headed back in time to read all of these and mend my wicked-wicked SSS absentee ways.

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