Weekend Grab Bag – Writing, Austen as a Comic, and more

Sorry for the delay (did you even notice?). Yesterday morning some of wordpress.com’s servers were experiencing issues and I couldn’t even access this site. I’m glad I’d been calling it Weekend Grab Bag, so without further ado:


Ada Lovelace:

  • Someone on tumblr is making RPG cards of historical figures, Love It! So they did one for Ada Lovelace! Something tells me she would’ve loved RPG…
  • Sydney Padua, creator of the Lovelace & Babbage webcomic, now has a Lovelace & Babbage app for the iPad! Will she do one for the android?


  • Teh awesome! For geeks who like Austen, Marvel comics has Northanger Abbey as a comic!
  • Wouldn’t it be cool to have your favorite novel printed out as a poster? Spineless classics has Emma, Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion (my fave).

In Geekdom:

That’s it for this weekend, have a great one and enjoy the extra hour!

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