Steam Me Up, Rawley

New Adult Steampunk romance
Status: Second draft, revising
Length: Novel 72K

A fledgling reporter in 1890 Mobile, Alabama, adrenaline junkie ADELE DE LA POINTE must get the new job at the paper or her father will force her to marry his new business partner, DR. PHILLIP RAWLEY. Determined to remain independent and free to enjoy all life has to offer, Adele pounces on the Jack the Ripper-style murders plaguing her city as just the story she needs to get the job.

Fresh from London, immigrating to America is about the most daring exploit Dr. Rawley has ever done, thank you very much. He wishes to settle quietly in his adopted town and marry a sweet, supportive wife. His employer’s beautiful and impulsive daughter does not fit that image. She works. She’s wild. She has an armored pet monkey running errands for her.


  • Finaled in the paranormal category, 2012 Golden Pen contest
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