A Stolen Moment Novel

Part of the Stolen Moment series:
  • Earning It

One blind date. One case of mistaken identity. One Navy SEAL faced with his high school crush. What could go wrong?

To Score…
Holy cow, my blind date is rawr-hot. Everything in me aches to explore more with this man, but I can’t. I’ve got too much on the line professionally, with me starting at my new medical practice on shaky ground. But I can’t deny that I want the sex. A fling is perfect. Bonus—I will prove my idiot ex-boyfriend wrong. I’m not cold.

Or Not to Score…
Once she mistakes me for her blind date, my plan is clear. Be this Rick the Lawyer she thinks I am. And for the space of this coffee date, talk to the only woman who’s ever made me feel any spark outside of combat. Best case scenario, I get to be outside my skin—free to be whatever the hell I want. Worst case—she recognizes me as we chat. She’ll be pissed, call me an asshole, but it won’t be anything she hasn’t called me in the past, so… Win/Win?

Reviews:Avery Flynn, USA Today best selling author of The Negotiator wrote:

Fun and flirty, EARNING IT is a winner!

Zoe York wrote:

Get ready to swoon hard for a Navy SEAL! Angela Quarles' first contemporary romance is hot and funny and delivers everything I want in a sexy read. This series is a feast of military and sports heroes--the best possible combination for romance readers!

Nan R on Chasing Away Reality Book Blog wrote:

I adored the characters in this story. Luke had the whole hot, badass Navy SEAL with the lingering childhood insecurity thing going for him. I loved that he had a secret crush on Pepper back in high school and used the mistaken identity moment to finally get what he always wanted-her. I was sad for Pepper and her situation. She seemed like a lost girl who just wanted to find love. I enjoyed how their relationship progressed and their interactions throughout.

Kate Meader on USA Today bestselling author of the Hot in Chicago series wrote:

Sweet and steamy, Earning It is a super fun take on the mistaken identity theme set against an unusual sports romance backdrop. A great read!

Coming fall of 2017!

NOTE: This was previously published for 90 days in the boxed set SOME LIKE IT GEEK (Spring 2017) with the title TO SCORE OR NOT TO SCORE.

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