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Happy New Year - champagne and party decorationHappy New Year! One of the ways I’m celebrating the New Year is by participating in the New Year’s Blog Hop wherein other authors and bloggers are sharing memories, books and giving away tons of prizes. Each stop on the hop has a chance to win a prize (including me) and there’s an overall grand prize.

I thought I’d share one of my more memorable ‘goofs’–I’m a reasonably intelligent person but I can also be ditzy at times (that is possible). It usually has to do with me saying something without completely being aware of my surroundings or who I’m with.

This particular instance was when I was an exchange student in Finland. I’m a senior in high school, and my host father is a member of the Finnish government, so he brings me along with his family to the New Year’s Eve party at the British Embassy which he’d been invited to.

So here I am, completely out of my element at this fancy New Year’s Eve party at a freaking embassy (LOL) and lo and behold, the son of the ambassador is around my age and cute. We start talking and I’m thinking how cool and romantic this is and what a great story this would make (you know, how you do when you’re a teenager) etc, etc. We’re staring out of these huge windows out into the embassy grounds and there’s fireworks going off. Back where I grew up, we didn’t do fireworks on New Year’s Eve, so this was new to me. Anyway, all quite atmospheric and I’m probably nervous as hell talking to this guy.

So what do I say to this cute son of the British ambassador to Finland? “Doesn’t this remind you of The Fourth of July?”


In my memory, and mind you this is almost thirty years ago, he looks at me, doesn’t say anything, and walks away. I’m sure it wasn’t quite that abrupt, but the reality is, he took me for an idiot and left shortly after I said that. And if he didn’t take me for an idiot, then he was assuming I was a smartass. Whatever it was, cool moment. Blown by me.

This might be why I like to write romantic comedies with intelligent women being goofy sometimes. My new release is an erotic geek romantic comedy called BEER AND GROPING IN LAS VEGAS.

Here’s the scoop:

Can a djinn and a magic slot machine bring two geeks together?

Riley McGregor is a geek trapped in a Good Ole Boy body and as owner of a microbrewery, smart chicks never look at him twice.

Rejected by a geek who wanted to “trade up,” Mirjam Linna would rather immerse herself in work than be the girlfriend-of-the-moment. Stranded in a Vegas hotel, she makes a wish—a night of hot sex with the man of her dreams. It’s granted. She agrees to dinner, but afterward, she’ll say thanks, but no thanks, and see what’s on the SyFy channel. But when they meet, they’re surprised to find they had a shared connection in their past. Sparks fly as these two learn to be in the moment, be themselves and find love.

Fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Monty Python, Firefly and Marvin the Martian will enjoy this romantic comedy.

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So, I’m giving away a $5 Amazon Gift card to one commenter drawn at random. Just make sure to leave your email address in the comment box (not just in the box that asks for email) so that you’ll also be eligible for the grand prizes as well! 

Make sure to visit everyone else in the hop, as we are EACH doing a giveaway. Yep. There will be over 200 giveaways on each blog hosted by that Author or Blogger.

But that’s not all….

We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

  • 1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet (US & International)
  • 2nd Grand Prize: A $300 Amazon or B&N Gift Card (US & International)
  • 3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more! (US only)

To visit the other participants, visit the blog hop host and start hopping!

Blog hop winners will be picked on January 7th. 

Do you also have a memorable New Year’s Eve story you’d like to share?

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