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Release Day for STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY + Giveaway!

Note: Stay tuned to the end for a giveaway! To all outward appearances today, as I put out my second full-length novel, this is me at the start of this GIF, trying to be all cool and stuff, and then at the end, that’s me on the inside! This poor story had a rough start […]


and…. about sum it up for me right now! It’s available on all major outlets, including outside the US. More will be opening soon as a foreign distributor populates some German and Spanish outlets. Elsewhere this week Yesterday, I was on Misa Buckley’s blog talking about Levels and Flavors of Geekdom Today I’m on Paranormal Unbound with […]

MUST LOVE BREECHES featured on USAToday’s HEA column!

It’s ramping up to the release date next Wednesday, and I’m nervous and excited. There’ s also so many balls I’m trying to keep in the air, I’m already hunched over and cringing waiting for one of them to bop me in the head. I really need to make a list of things to do […]

A MS Word Macro to Spot Simultaneity Issues in your WIP

Jami Gold recently had two articles on using Macros to help in your editing and polishing phase of your manuscript: MS Word Trick: Using Macros to Edit and Polish and Fix Showing vs. Telling with Macros & Word Lists. Jami does an excellent job of showing you how to insert and use macros, so I won’t repeat […]

Dealing with Critiques and Reviews – the 40-20-40 Rule

One of my earliest blog posts was about dealing with critiques and I shared what I called the 30-40-30 rule that I learned from my uncle. Well I just had a short vacation with said uncle and found out I had the percentage wrong! He said it’s 40-20-40! So here’s my old post, revised a […]

Are you using a thesaurus correctly? And is this irony?

Sometimes I wonder about the universe and how it will sync random events to make a point, teach us something, or just plain laugh at us. Case in point Yesterday, a fellow writer posted this some-ecard with the quote from Stephen King on Facebook and I wrote the following comment: I don’t know– I think […]

Ack! I have a plot hole! Techniques to Solve in an Early Stage

So, last time I truly posted, I was taking a blogging hiatus to work on the sequel to MUST LOVE BREECHES. I’ve since then finished the first draft and have been working on high-level revisions since. I love plot and am a nerd about finding different ways to tackle looking at it. I definitely needed […]

Guest Post: Strategies for Replenishing Your Writing Self

Today I’m on Mina Khan’s blog with “Strategies for Replenishing Your Writing Self” where I share what I do when I’m burnt out, discouraged, or hit a setback. What do YOU do? Like this:Like Loading…

Getting Around on the Webz: Links to Interviews

Continuing with promotion week for BEER AND GROPING IN LAS VEGAS, here’s where I’ll be today! Donna Cummings Where we chat about geekdom, writing and tea! Babette James Where I share some inside scoops on writing, fave food, and an excerpt from the opening Jessica Kong Where I share my writing journey and aspects of […]

The Case for an Awesome Title: Why It’s Important and How to Come Up With One

Today I’m guest blogging over at Jillian Chantal’s blog on The Case for an Awesome Title: Why It’s Important and How to Come Up With One, stop on by and say hi! Like this:Like Loading…

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