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Folks talk about a Writer’s Toolbox, but do you actually HAVE one?

You constantly hear the advice when reading craft books about adding this or that to your Writer’s Toolbox. But do you actually have one? I always pictured it metaphorically until I started using Scrivener.

This will be a quick post to show you how I’ve started using Scrivener to organize what I learn.

First I created a new project called “Writing Tips” and then I started creating folders to categorize each topic. Within each folder, because of Scrivener’s awesomeness, I can either paste in text into a document, or I can import a web page.

I even have a folder for rhetorical devices, and a document for each one with examples and suggestions for when to use.

You could also cut and paste quotes from books you’ve read that illustrate either well or poorly the topic you are trying to imbibe.

I also use it to show the pros and cons of the topic, with links to folks who recommend and to those who don’t.

This comes in handy not only when I’m trying to remember exactly why a certain concept would make my scene stronger, but also when I go to critique fellow writers. I used to fumble around searching my emails for an example of something, or consult my internet bookmarks, or thumb through a craft book, etc. to provide an example of something I’m suggesting. Now I have these at my fingertips! I even have standard language that I use for that tip in my toolbox so that I can cut and paste it into my critique and modify a tad for the situation.

Told you it would be quick!

Do you use Scrivener? Do you use it this way too? How do you organize your writer’s toolbox?


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