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Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Who Was She?

This year Ada Lovelace Day is today! In celebration, sites around the world are spotlighting women in math and science. To learn more about this and read some amazing stories, visit the site Finding Ada. I thought I’d instead revamp a blog post I did last year on just who she is and give a […]

Weekend Grab Bag – From Writing Tips to Vader Hugging a Unicorn

Song playing right now on my playlist: “Bittersweet Symphony,” by the Verve. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Writing and the Writing Life: Are your characters constantly trying to stand, run, smile? Well did they succeed or not? You could be weakening your prose. Janice Hardy explores this common writer crutch: Do or Do Not. There is No […]

Weekend Grab Bag – Writing, Austen as a Comic, and more

Sorry for the delay (did you even notice?). Yesterday morning some of’s servers were experiencing issues and I couldn’t even access this site. I’m glad I’d been calling it Weekend Grab Bag, so without further ado: Writing: As always, Roni Loren’s Fill-Me-In Friday: Best Links of the Week! has some good links Stina Lindenblatt also has a […]

Who Was Ada Lovelace?

I’m going to go all fangrrrl on this lady, so beware! This past Friday was international Ada Lovelace Day, where bloggers all over the world celebrated women in science and technology by spotlighting a specific woman in the field. I chose to highlight Dr. Janet Whitson. But who was Ada Lovelace? Steampunk lovers know her […]

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