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Staying Sane While Doing an Insane Blog Tour – Using Scrivener

And on another level, I might be insane for posting this BEFORE I’ve really started the tour, but, well, here goes. Maybe the title should be How I Think You Can Stay Sane While Doing an Insane Blog Tour. Actually as I started signing up with different bloggers who graciously offered to host me for […]

Folks talk about a Writer’s Toolbox, but do you actually HAVE one?

You constantly hear the advice when reading craft books about adding this or that to your Writer’s Toolbox. But do you actually have one? I always pictured it metaphorically until I started using Scrivener. This will be a quick post to show you how I’ve started using Scrivener to organize what I learn. First I […]

My Fast Draft Experience

Whoa! Hello World! I feel like I’m waking from a two-week stupor. Monday, May 14 I started Candace Havens’ Fast Drafting class where we committed to a certain number of pages for a 2-week period, the goal being to finish your first rough draft as fast as possible. If you need convincing on the soundness […]

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