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Third Draft Finished

I set myself a deadline of last night to finish up my third draft, and I made it! I had a three-day weekend to help matters, and I mainly stayed inside in my jammies and worked on it. Sunday I felt like I needed to see the whole thing printed out, so I started printing […]

Tips on how to wrestle your draft into shape

Photo by Rae Grimm (bloodylery) Okay, you’ve finished your first draft and you’ve done your happy dance (that’s obligatory, BTW). Congratulations! You take the advised week or two away from your draft and then come back to it and do a quick read through. And it sinks in. You have a pile of *%&^# on […]

Friday Grab bag – Dialects, Revision checklist and Girls with Pens

Came across this handy revision checklist – The oh-so-fun revision checklist for writing. Handy if you’re at the same stage as me, which is wrestling a draft into some semblance of shape. And along the same lines – 6 Steps for Your Final Edit, which has some great practical advice on things to look out […]

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