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Writer Wednesday: When You Hit That Wall, Do You Nurse Your Head, Or Climb Over?

This is the full post! Sorry about the earlier post, I accidentally hit Publish, instead of Save Draft, so email and RSS subscribers, ignore the first one (please?) Yesterday on Mina Khan’s blog, I talked about the strategies I use to cope with the vicissitudes of the writing life. I thought I’d expand a little […]

Yes, You Should Blog and Tweet Before You’re Published

Are you an unpublished writer without a blog? Not tweeting? Well, you should! And here’s why. Today’s post was inspired by the guest post by Heather Kopp last week at agent Rachelle Gardner’s blog, 7 Reasons to Quit Balking & Start Blogging. She makes some very good points and I’d like to add some more […]

Weekend Grab Bag – From Writing Tips to Making Sure You Have the Right Batman

Song playing right now on my playlist: “Lakme” from The Hunger soundtrack Writing and the Writing Life: The Beauty is in the Details, by Sherry Thomas but remember Excessive Detail Can Kill Your Story (from Mooderino) How to Kill Your Agent Relationship without Really Trying Best advice I’ve seen on how to evaluate feedback from critique partners and […]

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