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Weekend Grab Bag – Writing, Austen as a Comic, and more

Sorry for the delay (did you even notice?). Yesterday morning some of’s servers were experiencing issues and I couldn’t even access this site. I’m glad I’d been calling it Weekend Grab Bag, so without further ado: Writing: As always, Roni Loren’s Fill-Me-In Friday: Best Links of the Week! has some good links Stina Lindenblatt also has a […]

Be Humble: Fact Check, Or Why I Thought I Knew This Fact About Jane Austen

When I originally conceived this blog post, it was to use Jane Austen’s anonymity as an example of fact-checking. It still is, but with a little twist. The point turned back on me waving its index finger. When reading historical romances, I get frustrated by anachronistic words or events. Or just completely not understanding a […]

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