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Firefly Friday – Are you giving readers an excuse to put your book down?

Welcome to the next installment of Firefly Friday, where we examine a writing tip chestnut and marry it to my favorite TV show Firefly to illustrate the tip. Today’s topic: Scene and chapter breaks. One of my favorite writing craft books is James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure: (Techniques And Exercises For Crafting A Plot […]

Weekend Grab Bag – Writing, Geekiness and Tolkien

Writing: As always, Roni Loren’s Fill-Me-In Friday has some good links Kristen Lamb’s post, Are Successful Writers Just Lucky? gave me a little boost. It also convinced me to skip NaNoWriMo and concentrate even harder on this WIP. At Writer’s in the Storm Blogging Guest – Sue Grimshaw: Acquiring Editor’s Checklist inside peek at what one editor looks for […]

Firefly Friday – Dialogue – How Scary is Pain? It’s all in the delivery

This week: dialogue delivery. Earlier in the week I decided to focus on dialogue, but as I mulled it over, I found I was having a really hard time with this post. The problem is, Joss Whedon is known for his witty dialogue. How could I even capture it in one post? Well, I can’t. You can […]

Firefly Friday – Flip that Cliché, a writing tip

Last Friday I wrote a blog post on the spur of the moment – Writing Lessons from the TV Show Firefly – in which I talked about some of the common writing tips, especially in openings, that are well illustrated in the pilot of the cult TV Show Firefly. I’m still getting my blog feet wet […]

Writing Lessons from the TV show Firefly

I’m not feeling too well tonight, so I thought I’d sit down and do a Firefly marathon, a lamentably short-lived TV show created by Joss Whedon. I’m a total geek about this show. Yes, I’m a Browncoat.  But, as I started watching the opening sequence, ideas for a blog post itched at me. I don’t know […]

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