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Weekend Grab Bag – From Writing Tips to a Star Wars Call Me Maybe

Song playing right now on my playlist: “Walk Like an Egyptian,” by Bangles NEWS: I’m heading to the RWA Conference on Tuesday, so there will be no Six Sunday tomorrow, or Monday Hunk, or Grab Bag. I don’t expect to resume normal blogging until August 1. I hope to do some sort of live blogging […]

Re-run: Eric and Sookie – Why So Steamy? Writing Sexual Tension…

Thought I’d pull a post from the archives that might interest you since True Blood is on air again, and since this is the 4th, it’s kinda relevant because watching this kiss is like firecrackers going off! bah-dum-bum-tcheeh. ————– I’m going to take an excerpt from True Blood to illustrate/discuss writing sexual tension and the stages […]

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