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The Sudden Loss of a Pet and a Warning: Beware of Thread

wpid-0901110900f.jpgDarcy and Bingley (Darcy’s on the left)

I thought I’d take a moment to eulogize Darcy, who had to be put down yesterday. By my calculations, he was probably born around now two years ago. The above photo I just pulled from my blog’s archive, and it was the very first photo in it. I guess I must have set my author bio page up first. Anyway, I don’t want to dwell on it too much in this post because anyone who’s had a pet knows what it’s like and there’s no need for me to go into it here (and how wonderful he was), but it felt wrong not to mark it in some way on the blog, because he is a part of my bio, and just deleting him felt wrong. I still don’t know if Bingley will remain there or not. I’d also posted a blog post about him once, about his new-found skill in turning on a floor lamp in Kitteh Too Smart, and they’re both integral to Ack! I’m One of THOSE Now–How I Trained Myself to be a Morning Person…

This photo I also used with an agent I pitched to at RWA Nationals as my ice breaker because I knew she’d love it (and she did) and that agent later tweeted about it and was one of the ones who offered me representation.

Since my bio will change, I’m posting that paragraph here, so that it won’t just disappear into the ether:

I hate to admit it, but I do match the stereotype of a Romance writer by having cats. They are Darcy and Bingley, and they are two perfectly matched grays, how appropriate is that? Unlike their namesakes, they are brothers—a visiting cousin rescued them from a parking lot and I couldn’t resist keeping them. You actually can tell them apart–Darcy is slightly darker and hardly talks, and Bingley is a talker. Both are sweet and loving. Aptly named, no?

But this post isn’t completely self-indulgent. If you have string or thread laying around, beware! What killed Darcy was him swallowing a long length of sewing thread. Being ignorant of the dangers, when I saw it coming out of his butt, I snipped it off and waited to see if the rest passed. It didn’t. I brought him in yesterday, and when they opened him up, the thread had already wreaked havoc on his insides. The thread went from his tongue, out all the way through, and the swallowing action, plus the bowels trying to pass it, made it pull through his intestines. So the poor little guy had perforations through his intestines and colon.


Kitteh Too Smart.

Darcy and Bingley

One of the kittehs (I suspect Darcy) learned a new skill at 6:15 in the friggin morning. Turn on the standing lamp!


Something metallic is hitting metal. I get up to investigate. The light is on. I move a nearby perch, thinking that was how the little sh- (nice kitty) was getting to the pull chain. Crawl back under warm covers. Ah. Two seconds later:

*bang*bang*snick* light pops back on. I flop over to that side of the bed, open a bleary eye and one of them is hanging by a claw to the pull cord like an NBA star after a slam dunk.

Really kittehs?

Last week it had been bang-the-really-heavy-rope-mouse-hard-enough-against-the-bathroom-door-over-and-over-until-the-door-opened. For the last five months, it had been just a neglected scratching device hanging from the door knob. After the third night of this I removed it. They’re really good about using their regular scratching post, so if this is only used for opening the door and waking me up, forget it kitteh.

For some reason, I feel really guilty taking these new discoveries away from them. For the pull cord, I just plopped the ball up into the brim of the hat (the shade is like an old-fashioned ladies’ hat). But as I crawled back into bed, I wondered if during the evening, when I’m not at home, maybe they’d just like the light on and I’m taking that away? Maybe I’ll just put it away at night… Maybe I’m thinking about this too much. *Going to make some more hot tea to wake up*

Got any smart kittehs in your house? What have they figured out?


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