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Facebook Ads Could be Worth It, But For One Factor, Guest Post by Peter Salomon

I’d like to welcome not only a fellow writer, but also a college classmate of mine! We reconnected via social media several years ago to share our ups and downs, tips, and other facets of being a writer in today’s world. His debut novel, Henry Franks, debuted in 2012 and was hailed as “the thinking teen’s horror […]

RWA Countdown: One Stop Shop for Linkage

Good Lord, we’re one week away! Instead of adding another blog post on prepping for the conference, I thought I’d do a round-up of posts to help you get ready: Packing July 2013 Packing Tips Part 1 Jami Gold’s The Mega-Huge Ultimate RWA Packing List Erin Knightley’s How to Pack For Nationals My post on packing: RWA […]

RWA Countdown: A Primer on the Marriott Marquis

Two weeks away, folks! I thought I’d do a quick little tour of the Marriott so that you’ll feel a little more at home there when you arrive. I’ve been attending Dragon*Con since 2005 and this hotel is one of the host hotels so I know it very well. The hitch might be that my […]

RWA Countdown: Getting the most out of RWA–Some Tips for Newbies

I’ve only been once, so this is definitely a guide for those new to this conference. Hopefully this will help me provide you with some tips from a newbie’s perspective, since the experience was so recent. But it also means you won’t find veteran tips here, though I do have some location specific tips near […]

RWA Countdown: Why Packing for a Trip is like Writing–Do It with Purpose or It Can Cost You

In exactly four weeks, myself and fellow romance writers will be converging on Atlanta for Romance Writer’s of America’s (RWA) national conference and I thought I’d dedicate the remaining Writer Wednesdays to posts on prepping for it, as well as tips. To start off, this is a recycled post from last year, my first trip […]

The Inside Scoop on Getting In Bookstores – Things You Should Know

Most people who know me online probably don’t know this, but I work in a local independent bookstore and I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for a while, because nothing turns me from being the ra-ra writer supporter I am with my writer friends online and locally than when I’m at the bookstore […]

Is your WIP in need of some manscaping? Pluck out those to-be verbs (From the Archives)

I published this post originally back in the fall of 2011 and as I sit here completely blank on what to post today, I thought I’d pull up this fun post. So here’s the old post, with some small changes: ************ Is your WIP in need of some manscaping? Pluck out those to-be verbs. Or at […]

Do you know your own GMC? Not your characters, yours as a writer?

For writers of genre fiction where plot and story are central to the success of the book, we’re often told to clarify our characters’ GMCs. For non-writers, this stands for Goal, Motivation, and Conflict. And it’s best if you can have both an external and an internal one for your Main Character (and your other […]

Guest Post: Stephanie Lawton on The Art of Genre Hopping

Excited to have fellow Mobilian Stephanie Lawton on my blog today to talk about her new release, Need, which is the follow-up to her debut release Want! Take it away, Stephanie! ***** Thanks, Angela, for the opportunity to say a few things about my new release, Need, genre-hopping and nontraditional publishing. Quite a mouthful, that, but I […]

Dealing with Critiques and Reviews – the 40-20-40 Rule

One of my earliest blog posts was about dealing with critiques and I shared what I called the 30-40-30 rule that I learned from my uncle. Well I just had a short vacation with said uncle and found out I had the percentage wrong! He said it’s 40-20-40! So here’s my old post, revised a […]

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