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Adding Truth to Fiction Might Cause Hair Loss

Truly. How many times have you woven in cool tidbits from your research only to be slammed by your beta readers or agents/editors that it doesn’t sound believable? And you splutter, “But… but… that really happened!” We’ve all heard that truth is stranger than fiction, and that’s, well, that’s true. The problem is when you […]

Research Can Add Rich Detail: The British Museum

My main character works at the British Museum in present day, but finds herself in 1834 London. I thought it would be fun for her to visit the museum while she’s in 1834 to see her reaction. When I wrote my first draft, I knew I needed to do research on the museum, but waited […]

Be Humble: Fact Check, Or Why I Thought I Knew This Fact About Jane Austen

When I originally conceived this blog post, it was to use Jane Austen’s anonymity as an example of fact-checking. It still is, but with a little twist. The point turned back on me waving its index finger. When reading historical romances, I get frustrated by anachronistic words or events. Or just completely not understanding a […]

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