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I’ve gone Primal! Documenting my new Paleo/Primal Lifestyle

I’m keeping this blog purely as my writer’s blog, but I thought I’d do a post to share what’s going on with me writing-wise and health-wise and give you a link to where I’ll be microblogging about my Primal lifestyle in case you’re interested. I thought October I’d be using to brainstorm and plot a […]

The Sudden Loss of a Pet and a Warning: Beware of Thread

Darcy and Bingley (Darcy’s on the left) I thought I’d take a moment to eulogize Darcy, who had to be put down yesterday. By my calculations, he was probably born around now two years ago. The above photo I just pulled from my blog’s archive, and it was the very first photo in it. I […]

New Year’s Blog Hop

Happy New Year! One of the ways I’m celebrating the New Year is by participating in the New Year’s Blog Hop wherein other authors and bloggers are sharing memories, books and giving away tons of prizes. Each stop on the hop has a chance to win a prize (including me) and there’s an overall grand […]

Getting Around on the Webz: Links to Interviews

Continuing with promotion week for BEER AND GROPING IN LAS VEGAS, here’s where I’ll be today! Donna Cummings Where we chat about geekdom, writing and tea! Babette James Where I share some inside scoops on writing, fave food, and an excerpt from the opening Jessica Kong Where I share my writing journey and aspects of […]

Secret Santa Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Secret Santa Blog Hop! We have lots of fabulous prizes for you, with several chances to win. I thought I’d share a true Christmas story from my life. Have You Ever Been Desperate for a Christmas Tree? We are notorious procrastinators in my family and we’ve been known to wait […]

Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop

Welcome to the Holiday Gifts of Love blog hop sponsored by Carrie Ann Ryan Blog Hops! What is it about the holidays that makes us so giddy? Why is it that so many romances are set around the holidays? What’s your favorite holiday book? Your fave holiday romance? Tell us! We’re blog hopping to celebrate the holidays and […]

Ack! I’m One of THOSE Now–How I Trained Myself to be a Morning Person…

Today I’m going to share a little personal journey and how it affected my writing in case it might inspire you to become… GASP… a morning person! I’m in my mid-40s now, and I only share that so that you understand how long I’ve NOT been a morning person. In fact, I was one of […]

It’s Carnival Time!

Unless you’ve had reason to be in Mobile at some point in your life, or have ever met a Mobilian, you probably don’t know that Mobile is home to the original Mardi Gras celebration in America, fifteen years before New Orleans was even a twinkle in some founder’s eye. You see, we were the first […]

What’s your most dorktastic moment? I’ll tell ya some of mine!

Hmm, actually not sure what qualifies…. which to choose? I was thinking about the comments people left on last Sunday’s post, and about how my main character Isabelle’s assessment of her situation seemed to strike a chord with some folks (not in an earth-shattering, clouds-part-and-light-beams-sear-downwards kind of way, but you know, they-could-relate kind of way). […]

Kitteh Too Smart.

One of the kittehs (I suspect Darcy) learned a new skill at 6:15 in the friggin morning. Turn on the standing lamp! *bang*bang* Something metallic is hitting metal. I get up to investigate. The light is on. I move a nearby perch, thinking that was how the little sh- (nice kitty) was getting to the pull chain. Crawl […]

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