about sum it up for me right now!

It’s available on all major outlets, including outside the US. More will be opening soon as a foreign distributor populates some German and Spanish outlets.

Elsewhere this week

Thank you all, and sorry this has become like the All Must Love Breeches All The Time Channel! I do hope to get back to blogging about other books and on writing craft.

Spread the word

If you’re active on twitter, here’s a tweet to share:

Tweet: Happy release day! MUST LOVE BREECHES, a #timetravel romance available now on Amazon #books #newrelease #PNR

Tweet: Happy release day! MUST LOVE BREECHES, a #timetravel romance available now on Amazon #books #newrelease #PNR


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And here’s the buy links

If you’re so inclined ;) Pre-order price is $3.99 and it will change to its normal price of $4.99 at the end of my blog tour

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Thank you all for your support all along the way. I know I haven’t been as active as I used to be on here. I found it hard to keep it up after a while :(

MUST LOVE BREECHES featured on USAToday’s HEA column!

usatodayheaIt’s ramping up to the release date next Wednesday, and I’m nervous and excited. There’ s also so many balls I’m trying to keep in the air, I’m already hunched over and cringing waiting for one of them to bop me in the head. I really need to make a list of things to do and keep track of!

So, this just came across my dashboard–USAToday featured the book trailer for my time travel historical MUST LOVE BREECHES for their HEA column, yay! Robin Covington had this to say:

I became a fan of time-travel romance with my first read of Outlander when it came out two decades ago, and I’m always on the lookout for fun romance with a century-jumping twist. The trailer for Must Love Breeches (love the title) by Angela Quarles has succeeded in adding another to my TBR pile. She picked the perfect music, images and font to set off the historical romance where a thoroughly modern miss is enchanted by a hot guy known as the Vicious Viscount. Well done!

Other end-of-week appearancesMLBQuote3

  • Yesterday, Paula Millhouse hosted me on her blog with an Author Journal, wherein I answered a couple writerly questions
  • Today I’m on fellow Paranormal Unbound author Celia Breslin‘s blog with an excerpt as well as on Victoria Adams’s blog for an Author Spotlight

Update on other books

  • I’m embracing this whole indie thing and decided this week that it makes the most sense for me to indie publish Steam Me Up, Rawley as well, so I’ve posted it up on Goodreads sans cover, and put a Chapter One excerpt in the back of Breeches. I’ve book a developmental editor for Sep 22, and hope to put it through the rest of its editing phases (copyedit and proofread) and have it out in January or February of next year.
  • Must Love Chainmail, Book 2 in the Must Love series, will tentatively be released in September of 2015. It’s also up on Goodreads too.

Book Trailer Reveal for MUST LOVE BREECHES and Kickoff of Blog Tour


So excited to kick off my blog tour today and what better way than with the trailer reveal for Must Love Breeches!

I also have blog appearances scheduled starting today! I’m over at Jenna Jaxon‘s blog with an Author Spotlight and an excerpt, as well as at fellow time travel writer, Karen Michelle Nutt where I talk about the Allure and Challenge of Time Travel Romances.

On Thursday, I’ll be at Paula Millhouse’s blog answering some questions, and then rounding off the week at fellow Paranormal Unbound author Celia Breslin.

For a complete list of my blog stops, visit my book page.

MUST LOVE BREECHES Due Out Sep 3, Avail Now for Pre-Order

AngelaQuarles_MustLoveBreeches_800pxIf you’re friends with me on Facebook, then you probably already saw this, but I thought I should announce it here for those who only follow my blog. Plus I’ve added some actionable items if you’d like to help spread the word :)

I’ve set a release date for September 3rd!

It’s now successfully gone through a copy edit and a proofread, and as of last night, it has been formatted for both ebook and print. Now I’m only waiting on the print version of the cover.

It’s been available for pre-order online on most outlets all summer, but just last week, Amazon opened up the pre-order option for indie authors, so it’s now up there too!

It will be available in both ebook and print form, though only the ebook form is available for pre-order. The pre-order price for the ebook is $3.99 and it will change to its normal sale price of $4.99 the week after launch (Sep 8)

It’s almost been three years since I started blogging. In fact, I started when I was working on this book with a view to publication. Some of you have been with me that long, bless you!

Ways to support

If you’re wondering if there are ways to help me spread the word about my release, I’ve laid out some actionable items below. And I’ll preface it all with a BIG FAT THANK YOU! I’m just putting it out there in case any of you want to help, but weren’t sure how to. I’m certainly not expecting or asking you to do this :)


Goodreads is a social networking site just for book lovers! If you’re on there, you can help with discoverability (which is so hard for new authors like me).

  • Add it to your Goodreads shelf
  • Vote for it in any of these Goodreads lists you feel comfortable doing
  • I really haven’t experimented much with this, but I’ve added this quote and another, but I don’t know if liking it does much or not. Anyway, just putting it out there :)


If you’re on Pinterest, I’ve created a board with pins for Must Love Breeches. Feel free to repin!


If you’re active on twitter, here’s a tweet to share:

Tweet: She's finally met the man of her dreams--only 1 problem: he lives in another century. MUST LOVE BREECHES pre-order

Tweet: She’s finally met the man of her dreams–only 1 problem: he lives in another century. MUST LOVE BREECHES pre-order



You can share the book page on Facebook to let your friends know

Join My Street Team


If you’d like to join my street team and help spread the word, I have a sign up page. Those who join will be placed in a secret group on Facebook, where I’ll post whatever promo I’ve got going on that I’d like help broadcasting. I’ll also post freebies and maybe some deleted scenes. Not sure yet how it will all play out…

Guest Post

I’m also available to do a guest post on your blog. Contact me if you’re interested.


And if you’re so inclined ;) Pre-order price is $3.99 and it will change to its normal price of $4.99 on September 8

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Thank you all for your support all along the way. I know I haven’t been as active as I used to be on here. I found it hard to keep it up after a while :(

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card for Adding Must Love Breeches to GR! Ends 8/4

amazongiftcard_25I’m currently running a giveaway, ending August 4 at Midnight CST. Enter to win a chance for a $25 gift card from Amazon.

To Enter

  1. Visit the book page on Goodreads and add MUST LOVE BREECHES to your to-be-read pile
  2. Visit the Rafflecopter form and tally your entry

Featured Image -- 7659Additional Entries

To enter for an additional chance, visit my author page and like the status update announcing the giveaway; it is pinned to the top.

Terms & Conditions

Must be 18 years or older to enter. Winner has 48 hours to respond to the email or they forfeit their prize. US Residents only.


Winner will be announced on my facebook author page on August 5th

That Publicity Stuff…A New Review and an Interview

The obligatory linkage to the latest with BEER AND GROPING IN LAS VEGAS:

First up a review was posted today on Delighted Reader, with an A Rating. Here’s a snippet:

This was a fun quick read involving a quirky romance that was set up by a djinn.  Short stories and novellas can make me leery of wanting to give them a try because not everyone who writes one understands just how to achieve a good balance of plot, pacing and character development to fit into the page count they have.  Fortunately, this author did a great job so I ended up with an enjoyable reading experience that had me reading with a smile on my face and an ‘ah’ of satisfaction coming from my lips by the end….So, I can heartily recommend this one to those who enjoy a quirky magical contemporary Happy For Now with promise of the future romance with not a lot of time to read. – Sophia Rose, Delighted Reader

And then I visited Tara Kingston’s blog with an interview about a guilty pleasure and a little about what I’m working on right now…

Reviews, and Interviews, Oh my!

download (1)

Continuing with the promotion of the release of my erotic romantic comedy, BEER AND GROPING IN LAS VEGAS, here’s the latest reviews and interviews:

Thank you for your support!

In looking at my Amazon ranking, I think sales are good. I won’t know until I get a report from the publisher mid-month. But if you bought a copy, thank you! Your support means so much to me! I can’t tell you how overwhelming your support has been to me, I really appreciate it!

Spare some likes and tags?

Due to the way Amazon ranking works when doing searches, if you have a spare moment, I could totally use some Likes & Tags. What does that mean? ‘Likes’ are a small button right under the title page. Tags are located near the bottom of the page and you are allowed to agree with up to 15 tags that are there (or add your own). Believe it or not, when readers search based on tags, it’s not the sales ranking that puts a book to the top, but the number of people who’ve tagged it for that category!! So in one of mine, there’s a book with 1 review (3 stars) and a lower sales rank, but because they have way more tags, they are higher than mine in the category. Doing  this is completely anonymous!


Customer reviews on Goodreads and Amazon are going well. If you’ve read it, rating it on Goodreads will help its visibility–you don’t have to leave a review there to do so. Thanks!!

Do you have a release out now? What things have you found help your visibility?

Book Trailer Made USAToday’s HEA column + Interview on Celia Breslin’s blog

Today my book trailer is featured by Robin Covington in her USA Today’s HEA book trailer column! Thanks Robin! Such a thrill to wake up to!

I’m also over at fellow RWA FF&P chaptermate Celia Breslin’s blog with an interview about authors I like and my preferences on supernatural creatures in my PNRs–stop on by!

I got an agent!! No joke.

I can finally announce the news officially that I’ve been hinting about in posts.


The news became official while I was out of town for Georgia’s Moonlight & Magnolia Conference so I could only announce my good news on my social networks. For some reason it won’t feel really official until I can post it on my blog (apologies to those who’ve already heard the news).

My agent! Maura Kye-Casella with Don Congdon Assoc.

I actually ended up with three offers of representation, but ended up going with the fabulous Maura Kye-Casella with Don Congdon, Associates. For those fellow sci-fi nerds out there, their founder discovered Ray Bradbury, how cool is that? In romance land, she represents Sophie Jordan and Colleen Gleason! It still feels a little surreal and that I’m talking about this happening to someone else.

I thought I’d share a little about how it all happened for those of you still seeking representation, so you can see that it can happen to you. Like I said last week, I have patience and hard work to thank for this moment. All three agents commented about how “clean and polished” my manuscript was, and that they could send it out on submission right now. Squeee! So if you read last week’s post, that’s what I was hinting at, that all that polishing paid off!

Two of the agents who offered were the two I pitched to at RWA, so there’s several lessons to be had there. One, to tie into last week’s post (again), thank God I didn’t give in to my impatience and send them those partials right when I got back from RWA. This is NOT, however, an endorsement of pitching an incomplete manuscript! That is soooo different from the phase mine was in. Anyway, onward with my list. Two, pitches do work! Both said during our phone calls that they remembered the pitch and were intrigued from the start. Three, do your homework on whom to pitch to. It wasn’t random, I don’t think, that this all fell out for me this way. When I got that list from RWA, I researched every single agent on that two page list and narrowed down my choices to the ones I thought were my best chance. Actually, this segues into: Four, get ballsy. I thought Maura was out of my league when I pitched to her and couldn’t believe I had the nerve to do so.

Anyway, this all started happening one week after I began querying. One of the agents I pitched to made me giddy by asking to have my partial converted to a full. I felt like if nothing else happened, I’d at least made that milestone–that an agent had seen the goods and STILL wanted to keep reading. The next night, I got my first offer (from a different agent), which left me stunned! I alerted the other agents who were considering me, to let them know and gave them a time frame to respond. Monday, the second agent (the one I pitched to and who had converted the partial to a full) offered and now I was reeling. Thursday, Maura emailed to say she’d finished, said some very nice things about MUST LOVE BREECHES, and wanted to set up a call for Monday (this past Monday). Now I’m on pins and needles, not knowing if she’d offer. Obviously, she did, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! This doesn’t automatically mean it’ll find a home with a publisher, but I’m one step closer and feel like I have the best advocate for me! For those non-writer friends reading this, most traditional publishers will not look at unagented manuscripts so this is my only way to get into their hands and on your bookshelves.

So this is not only me sharing my awesome news, but also my way of encouraging you. Yes, it CAN happen. I thought this day would never come. I’d read and heard all the doom and gloom about how hard it is to land an agent. But don’t give up. Every time I got a rejection, I picked myself back up again and kept going, knowing that others would not, so I envisioned it as an opportunity to move into thinner ranks. Many fine writers give up after only 5 rejections. Don’t be one of those. I wouldn’t be in this position if I’d done that. Instead of giving up in the Spring when I faced rejection, I realized my manuscript wasn’t quite ready and did another Beta round and then did all the hard work of polishing that puppy up!

Are you querying? Do you have any specific questions about my path? Do you have good news to share too?

Happy One Year Blogiversary To Me!

Actually it was this past Saturday that I posted my first blog post, but things have been PRETTY CRAZY this last week in Query Land (IN A FREAKING AWESOME WAY) and I can’t wait to be able to tell you.

Anyway, yeah, it’s been one year! I honestly didn’t know if I could last past two months blogging, but I’m so glad I faced my fear and ventured into this wacky world. I’ve met so many amazing people online (and then in person at conferences) that I shudder to think where I’d not be today if I hadn’t started blogging and tweeting. (Did that sentence make sense? Hey, it’s morning. You know what I mean.)

I was kind of surprised to read what I thought I’d be blogging about since I was just taking a stab in the dark: “writing tips, book reviews, musings, questions about my work in progress, the occasional rant.” I don’t think I’ve done a rant, but I was most surprised about the book reviews, because early on I decided not to do them at all as I didn’t want to delve into that quagmire. However, I surprised myself recently by doing a review of recent geeky romances and enjoyed that.

This milestone is a nice kick in the pants though, because lately I’ve been remiss in posting regularly. I had two conferences exactly a month apart and another next week (!) and then the craziness of querying in earnest, which started on 9/13. So this post is me recommitting to a regular schedule, which will be (except when away on vacation or at conferences):

  • Mondays: First Monday of the Month–Monday Hunk Who Reads, rest of them reader-focused posts.
  • Wednesdays: Writing Craft or Writer’s Life posts
  • Saturdays: Weekend Grab Bag
  • Sundays: Six Sentence Sunday

Here’s my blog stats:

  • 47,479 all time views
  • Highest views in one day: 648
  • 150 blog followers (115 via WP, 26 via email, 9 via feedburner)
  • The most popular page of all time? Monday Hunk Who Reads – Dan Stevens (3,283 views since it posted on 1/9/12)

So happy to be among you all and thank you so much for your support this past year! Do you blog? If so, are you happy you’re doing it? Did you think it would be difficult too?