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Cover reveal for MUST LOVE CHAINMAIL

  Squee! I’m pretty dang excited about this cover! Like my other covers, it was designed by the fabulous Kim Killion at! It was a challenge finding a couple who had that fun/flirty feel of the cover of MUST LOVE BREECHES who had chainmail. There’s just not a lot of romance stock photographers draping dudes […]

Hot For Fridays: Hot Kiss

Trying a new blog hop, this one has a different challenge each week, which sounds fun! This week’s challenge is to post a hot kiss. Well, no prob! Since I did a hot kiss from Steam Me Up, Rawley this past Sunday, I thought I’d pull one from Must Love Breeches today. Here’s the blurb: […]

Weekend Writing Warriors – STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY – An energetic kiss

Back from a long absence. I keep meaning to be regular about this, but, well. It just hasn’t happened Those warriors who know the drill, my excerpt is below. For newbies, this post is part of a weekly blog hop where participants share eight sentences from their work. It’s a lot of fun and a […]

Release Day for STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY + Giveaway!

Note: Stay tuned to the end for a giveaway! To all outward appearances today, as I put out my second full-length novel, this is me at the start of this GIF, trying to be all cool and stuff, and then at the end, that’s me on the inside! This poor story had a rough start […]

Almost Kiss Blog Hop – Excerpt from MUST LOVE BREECHES

It’s the 6th Annual Almost Kiss/No Kiss Blog Fest! Participants post an excerpt from any work that celebrates that tantalizing moment when two people want to kiss, but don’t, or almost kiss. Sometimes it can be sexier than a full-on kiss. I’m going to bring you an almost-kiss from my debut novel release Must Love […]


and…. about sum it up for me right now! It’s available on all major outlets, including outside the US. More will be opening soon as a foreign distributor populates some German and Spanish outlets. Elsewhere this week Yesterday, I was on Misa Buckley’s blog talking about Levels and Flavors of Geekdom Today I’m on Paranormal Unbound with […]

MUST LOVE BREECHES Due Out Sep 3, Avail Now for Pre-Order

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, then you probably already saw this, but I thought I should announce it here for those who only follow my blog. Plus I’ve added some actionable items if you’d like to help spread the word I’ve set a release date for September 3rd! It’s now successfully gone through […]

I’ve gone Primal! Documenting my new Paleo/Primal Lifestyle

I’m keeping this blog purely as my writer’s blog, but I thought I’d do a post to share what’s going on with me writing-wise and health-wise and give you a link to where I’ll be microblogging about my Primal lifestyle in case you’re interested. I thought October I’d be using to brainstorm and plot a […]

Ack! I have a plot hole! Techniques to Solve in an Early Stage

So, last time I truly posted, I was taking a blogging hiatus to work on the sequel to MUST LOVE BREECHES. I’ve since then finished the first draft and have been working on high-level revisions since. I love plot and am a nerd about finding different ways to tackle looking at it. I definitely needed […]

Weekend Writing Warriors – 2/10/13

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where we post eight sentences from one of our works. I’m picking up exactly where I left off last week with meta fiction romance, NOT ANOTHER DARCY. This was my NaNo project for this past November, and the heroine has to deal with literary characters that come to life at […]

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