So, Apparently My Cover is Too Prurient for an Amazon Ad + Mini Rant

Behold, a book cover too salacious to get an ad on Amazon. I’m not kidding. Yesterday, Amazon opened up advertising to non-Beta testers whose books are enrolled in KDP Select. For various reasons, I’d decided a week ago to put Steam in KDP Select (for non-authors, this means I decided to make the ebook exclusive […]

Hot For Fridays: Hot Kiss

Trying a new blog hop, this one has a different challenge each week, which sounds fun! This week’s challenge is to post a hot kiss. Well, no prob! Since I did a hot kiss from Steam Me Up, Rawley this past Sunday, I thought I’d pull one from Must Love Breeches today. Here’s the blurb: […]

Weekend Writing Warriors – STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY – An energetic kiss

Back from a long absence. I keep meaning to be regular about this, but, well. It just hasn’t happened Those warriors who know the drill, my excerpt is below. For newbies, this post is part of a weekly blog hop where participants share eight sentences from their work. It’s a lot of fun and a […]

Release Day for STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY + Giveaway!

Note: Stay tuned to the end for a giveaway! To all outward appearances today, as I put out my second full-length novel, this is me at the start of this GIF, trying to be all cool and stuff, and then at the end, that’s me on the inside! This poor story had a rough start […]

Almost Kiss Blog Hop – Excerpt from MUST LOVE BREECHES

It’s the 6th Annual Almost Kiss/No Kiss Blog Fest! Participants post an excerpt from any work that celebrates that tantalizing moment when two people want to kiss, but don’t, or almost kiss. Sometimes it can be sexier than a full-on kiss. I’m going to bring you an almost-kiss from my debut novel release Must Love […]

Meets the Hero in MUST LOVE BREECHES–Weekend Writing Warriors – 11/23/14

Welcome to Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors! For those new to this, fellow writers post eight sentences from one of our works. MUST LOVE BREECHES is on sale for 99 cents! Oops, I’ve been absent for a while from this blog hop! Last I posted, she’d just met the hero but has no idea she’s […]

Cover and Pre-Order Reveal for STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY + 99c Sale on MUST LOVE BREECHES

Super excited to reveal today, the cover for STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY, Book 1 in my new series Mint Julep and Monocle Chronicles. It’s a New Adult steampunk romance, and boy did I have so much fun writing this! Once again, I hired the fabulous Kim Killion for the cover, and couldn’t be more pleased!  I wrote the […]

Deep POV: Befores and Untils, do you need them? Truly?

I haven’t done a writing craft post in a loooong time and since I just sent Steam Me Up, Rawley to my copyeditor, these types of considerations are fresh in my mind. For the last week or so, I’d been doing searches for particular words that can signal that my prose is telling. Sometimes I […]

Epub Coding: Making that first line small-capped with some CSS-fu

  OR, HOW TO STYLIZE THAT FIRST PARAGRAPH WITHOUT ASSIGNING IT A CLASS I thought I’d share a little bit of CSS coding I used in my ebook release MUST LOVE BREECHES. This will be a short post, but I thought there might be some who would like to use the code, so I’m sharing For […]

What We’re Reading: Transcendence by Shay Savage

Featured Image -- 8090

Talk about pushing boundaries! I’m at Paranormal Unbound today talking about a book that is not only a caveman time travel, but is told entirely in the male POV, without dialogue, and the hero can’t learn language! Oh, and it had me in a blubbering mess when I finished it… Like this:Like Loading…

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