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Weekend Grab Bag – Writing, Geekiness and Tolkien

Writing: As always, Roni Loren’s Fill-Me-In Friday has some good links Kristen Lamb’s post, Are Successful Writers Just Lucky? gave me a little boost. It also convinced me to skip NaNoWriMo and concentrate even harder on this WIP. At Writer’s in the Storm Blogging Guest – Sue Grimshaw: Acquiring Editor’s Checklist inside peek at what one editor looks for […]

Firefly Friday – Dialogue – How Scary is Pain? It’s all in the delivery

This week: dialogue delivery. Earlier in the week I decided to focus on dialogue, but as I mulled it over, I found I was having a really hard time with this post. The problem is, Joss Whedon is known for his witty dialogue. How could I even capture it in one post? Well, I can’t. You can […]

To NaNo or Not to NaNo – Help!

Lord, I’m such a waffler! In my last post My NaNoWriMo Dilemma (Oct 5), I’d laid out my dilemma with NaNoWriMo. Well, I reached the goal I’d set out in that post (to have my third draft of my current WIP done and sent to Betas) but I still hesitated committing. I felt like I was […]

Writing Tip: Is your WIP in need of some manscaping? Pluck out those to-be verbs.

Or at least eliminate enough of the suckers so they’re not populating your manuscript like the wiry hairs on a hirsute male. Argh! As my fingers poise over my keyboard, I hesitate. Recently, I’ve become loathe to point out style advice like this when critiquing because this might be someone’s style. In fact, my fingers hesitated […]

Weekend Grab Bag – Writing Tips, Firefly Soap and General Geekiness

This week’s round-up, featuring writing tips, Austen stuff, making Browncoats clean and other geekiness. On Writing: Lianna Brooks explains why your heroine shouldn’t have violet eyes! And since we’re focused on the face, Angela Peart has a great post about the importance of your profile pic on social media: It All Starts With a Great […]

Firefly Friday – Weaving in World-building Without Infodumping, a writing tip

Still proving popular, so onward we go! This is the 3rd installment in my writing tips series Firefly Friday, where I use excerpts from the very awesome TV show Firefly to illustrate various writing tips. Week One: Writing Lessons from the TV Show Firefly. Week Two: Flip That Cliché.  Today: world-building. But! OMG, no! *beeep*beeep*beeep* […]

What’s Your Fave Time-Travel Romance?

Other than Outlander? And I’m not saying that in jest. I know that’s mine and many others, though it’s not strictly a Romance. Trying to describe it reminds me of the grandfather in The Princess Bride when he’s trying to convince his grandson that the story he’s going to read is worth it and lists all the […]

Go Deep! Eliminate Distancing Phrases for Deep POV

Ah, Deep POV, or Deep Penetration, as Orson Scott Card calls it. There’s nothing quite as titillating. And no, we’re talking about writing guys, get your mind out of the gutter, jeez. (Sorry couldn’t resist. *clears throat*). Anyway, my current WIP is written in Deep POV. For those unfamiliar with this, it’s a style of 3rd […]

Weekend Grab Bag – Books, Writing, Austen, Firefly and True Love

A grab bag of cool things I came across this week that I thought you might like. There’s a little bit here on books, romance writers, Firefly, Jane Austen, Ada Lovelace, writing tips and general geekiness. Book Lovers An artist created a small-scale house made entirely of books (before you get incensed, the books were scheduled […]

Firefly Friday – Flip that Cliché, a writing tip

Last Friday I wrote a blog post on the spur of the moment – Writing Lessons from the TV Show Firefly – in which I talked about some of the common writing tips, especially in openings, that are well illustrated in the pilot of the cult TV Show Firefly. I’m still getting my blog feet wet […]

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